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Our Free Gift To You!

As part of our effort to provide additional value to our clients, we provide all of our new homeowners policyholders with a free first year membership to HOCOA. This is a network service which will help you find high quality contractors for repair and maintenance needs you may have for your home.  Contractors seeking to be referred by HOCOA are thoroughly interviewed and investigated before they are accepted into the program.  They are experienced, licensed, insured and guarantee all their work.  We like this program because it has helped our clients find good quality contractors with one call, thereby saving time and effort. 


There is absolutely no obligation on your part to accept this membership.  We provide the opportunity for this service to our clients because from an insurance standpoint, we have an interest in the proper maintenance of our policyholders’ properties.  We know from experience that well maintained properties are less likely to result in future insurance claims, thus saving both money and hassles for you and our carriers.  This, in turn, helps to keep homeowners insurance premiums down.


We provide you with one year of this service and if you like it, you can continue it on your own.  Again, there is no obligation on your part to accept this free year.  However, we believe you will be pleased with the program if you find yourself in need of a contractor. 


Unless you decide not to accept this free year, you will receive a membership packet in the mail within the next few weeks. 


Thanks again for your business and we look forward to working with you in the future!


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Thank you for your help with the recent issues we've had to deal with in placing our insurance. You turned what looked like an impossible situation into one that was better than we could have hoped for. You're the best!
Brad L.


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