If insurance isn’t your job or closely related to it, you might feel like you’re missing something when it comes to re-evaluating your current coverage and rates. Bacon Insurance Group President Nicole Coleman has 5 tips to help you and your agent find the best options for you!

  1. No one policy is the same. When our neighbors and friends tell us to call their insurance company because they are paying a low rate, we tend to think we should be paying the same – but everyone is different! Insurance companies apply their rates after carefully evaluating a range of factors for each policy and customer, so a side-by-side comparison to someone else’s policy isn’t a good way to evaluate insurance. Instead, ask for several quotes that have been tailored to your needs to find the best option!
  2. Be careful when shopping to just reduce your price. Many carriers, especially large call center-based companies, will give you a lower price but the tradeoff is usually lower coverage – which means less support when you need it most. Focusing on the cheapest rate often means sacrificing coverage and may end up costing you more in the long run if you do have a claim. Ask the agent to describe scenarios that a policy will – and won’t – cover, and compare with your current policy to make sure you have what you need.
  3. Ask your agents about your options. Customers frequently believe their current provider, coverage, and price, is all their agent has available – which promotes them to go somewhere else to compare. Independent agencies, like Bacon Insurance,have access to a wide range of carriers and policy options so we can find the best rates and coverage to fit your needs. By asking us about how to reduce your rate, we can save you time AND money.
  4. Let your agent know what you want.As cool as it would be to read our customers minds, insurance agents do not have that power. What we do have is a system to help track what customers want. If you would like to be called every six months, or would prefer to hear from your agent as little as possible, let them know! Agents never want customers to feel detached or unimportant. Serving your needs is how agents create a successful relationship so that as a customer, you feel you can trust them to provide support if you ever have a claim.
  5. Give feedback. Our customers are important to us and we strive to do our best, though mistakes and issues do happen. The best way for any agency to improve upon those errors is direct communication from their clients. We send out short surveys regularly to provide an opportunity for customers to let us know what we are doing right and anything we can do to be better.Got a question for us? Give our office a call! (804) 967-9717