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Renters Insurance in Virginia

If you are renting, your landlord will likely require you to have a renters' insurance policy in place. But even when this isn't the case, every renter should have this insurance. It's a wise decision that can protect you in many ways. Renters' insurance can cover you financially and in other ways as well. If you live in Virginia and want to find out more about renters' insurance, give us a call at Bacon Insurance Group in Richmond, VA.

Protecting Your Belongings

One of the most important reasons you need to have renters' insurance is that it protects all of your belongings against a wide range of risks. It will help you replace your ruined or destroyed items and pay for repairs when needed. Paying to replace everything on your own would be prohibitively expensive for most people, so renters' insurance is essential to have.

Covering Your Liability

Even if you don't own the property, if you are the leaseholder, you could be held accountable for someone having an accident in the home. This can result in a renter owing thousands of dollars or more in medical bills after an accident. With renters' insurance, the policy takes care of up to its stated maximum coverage.

Protection for Your Standard of Living

If the worst should happen and something serious were to happen to your rented home, your renters' policy can pay for you to live somewhere else while repairs are being made. This keeps you from having to live in an environment that is uninhabitable simply because you can't afford to live elsewhere. This coverage can keep you living in a habitable place to stay, even if your home has to be rebuilt.

Get Your Renters' Policy

If you rent in Virginia and you don't yet have a renters' policy, call us today at Bacon Insurance Group in Richmond, VA to find out more.

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