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Four things that your commercial insurance policy can do for you

As a business owner, you need to understand why it’s so important for you to have commercial insurance. Your commercial insurance policy can do a lot of things for your company. If you own a business in Richmond, VA, we can insure you at Bacon Insurance Group. 

The following are four things that your commercial insurance policy can do for you:

Your commercial insurance can protect your employees if they become injured on the job.

A commercial insurance policy that includes workers compensation coverage will financially protect your employees. This type of coverage compensates your employees if they become injured on the job.

The state of Virginia requires business owners with more than two employees to carry workers compensation coverage. 

Your commercial insurance can cover your company’s liabilities.

General liability coverage is important because your business could face a lawsuit. A commercial insurance policy usually includes liability coverage that can pay for a company’s legal costs and the penalties they need to pay as a result of a lawsuit. 

Your commercial insurance can make it easier for your company to grow.

Most business loan lenders will only loan capital to businesses that are insured. Carrying commercial insurance can therefore make it easier to grow your company by getting the capital you need to invest in your company and take on new projects. 

Your commercial insurance can keep your company afloat if your business operations are interrupted.

Commercial insurance can include business interruption coverage. This type of coverage can pay to keep a company operating after an incident such as a natural disaster interrupts business operations. 

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